Why Dairy Free?

We love ice cream but all the nasty ingredients found in most dairy products sent us on a mission to create something healthy, nutritious and delicious.

Our frozen desserts as well as our coconut yoghurt, custard and puddings cater to everyone including people on specific diets such as banting, keto, diabetic, vegan and those with gluten, lactose or casein allergies.



What Goes Into Our Sugar Free Products?

We use quality coconut milk & coconut cream (no powdered milk products) as our base and we sweeten our frozen desserts, custard and puddings with erythritol. OUr new Indulge ice cream range is sweetened with sugar, offering a silky smooth scoop straight out the freezer.
Phat Fox coconut yoghurt contains only vegan cultures and offers a rich luxurious feel.

*Protein Option*
We are also proud to supply South Africa’s first dairy free pea protein frozen dessert. Our protein powder is a high quality yellow pea protein isolate which is entirely lactose free, gluten-free and soy-free with no added sugar or flavouring.

Our Sugar Free Frozen Dessert Flavours

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